Sex Penetrator is a completely free to play porn game and adult community. This flagship title is committed to providing a no-nonsense browser gaming experience for horny gamers that demand the highest quality porn games around. Design your own characters, pick hot locations and try to complete all of the quests – it's pure erotic gaming bliss inside Sex Penetrator! Sign up now with a free account to get started.

No. Sex Penetrator is a free to play title that is built on a freemium access model. Almost all of the game is available to you without paying, but if you wish to support the hard working developers with some quality of life microtransactions, you can do so.

In many countries, Sex Penetrator is required by law to verify access to our game is only offered to those over the age of 18. Consequently, we use cards as a means to ensure that this is being adhered to. In some countries, an ID scan feature is offered instead.

Yes. We have a huge community at Sex Penetrator! Our multiplayer feature offers support for up to 4 players in a single instance, although you can play in a single-player instance if you wish. Our team also manages a Discord server and official forums.

Yes. Sex Penetrator has been built on browser frameworks, so as long as you're able to load up Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you'll have no problems with playing Sex Penetrator.

Yes. Our team is currently trialing a beta access period to a developer client so that players can modify Sex Penetrator and even publish their creations on our forum.

To load up the initial files, you will need to be connected. However, once that's done, you can actually play Sex Penetrator without an active Internet connection. Note that your saved data will also be to a cookie in your browser and then synchronized the next time your connection is active, so be sure you use the same browser to avoid lost progress.

As you're not required to download anything locally, Sex Penetrator is a completely safe browser-based game that functions no differently to loading up Facebook or YouTube. We also use HTTPS as standard, so your connection to us is end-to-end encrypted.

No. We do offer a standalone Sex Penetrator client for Windows and Mac, but you can choose to play from your browser with no local downloading of files required.