Sex Penetrator is now available! This free to play porn simulation game lets you fuck custom characters in a suite of erotic scenarios.


Are you ready to release Sex Penetrator? Put your skills to the test in this seriously sexy 3D porn game.


Sex Penetrator comes preloaded with over 40 different unique characters for you to fuck with. Alongside humans, we've also added some other species and mythical creatures to enhance the fantasy fucking experience. Try it for free!


Part of what makes Sex Penetrator so alluring is the fact that every time you play, there's a brand new sexual adventure waiting for you. With so many locations and plots to pick from, you've always got a fresh sexual conquest to enjoy.


Our development team has spent thousands of hours refining our game engine to match the vision we had for Sex Penetrator. This highly versatile and optimized framework gives us full control over the characters and environment so you get a completely unique porn game!


Tired of paying for adult sex games? We hear you. Sex Penetrator is a free to play browser title that you don't need to pay in order to access. Our freemium model allows you to explore the entirety of our title with optional purchases offered to support the developers.



From the first line of code, we always wanted Sex Penetrator to be a free to play game. After realizing the success of other titles that don't cost you a penny to play, such as Path of Exile, War Thunder and Destiny 2, we knew that Sex Penetrator had to be something people voluntarily wanted to support financially, instead of forcing them to do so. That's why anyone who wants to play Sex Penetrator without having to pay for the privilege has the ability to do exactly that! Sign up for an account and get playing in less than a minute!

Sex Penetrator is funded entirely by the purchase of microtransactions. We don't time gate any content and 90% of Sex Penetrator can be enjoyed by standard progression. Our microtransactions are strictly limited to new character outfits, celebrity and pornstar renders, unique locations and voiceover packs. We'll be adding more features in future too.


Our free to play browser porn game is built on frameworks that currently have full support for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you have any of these browsers on any device, you'll be able to play Sex Penetrator! We've taken extensive measures to improve our engine to ensure that it's functional and more importantly, optimized for all potential hardware.


One of the best features attached to Sex Penetrator is the ability for players to completely customize and manage the women, men and transsexuals that they find in-game. There are hundreds of different dials, switches and color options for so many different body parts in Sex Penetrator, allowing you to realize your wildest sexual fantasies. You can literally design and program anyone you wish – make it your girlfriend or a perfect fuck doll! The choice is completely up to you when you decide to play Sex Penetrator. Try it out now!

Alongside full customization and creation options, Sex Penetrator also ships with dozens of different celebrities and pornstars programmed into the game, with more planned in future. Ever wanted to fuck Taylor Swift and Vina Sky at the same time? In Sex Penetrator, you can.


The gaming landscape has changed considerably over the last few years and the team behind Sex Penetrator wants to make sure that we're keeping up with the times. We've noticed a surge in demand for community features, which is why Sex Penetrator has a Discord server with direct support from the developers, a community forum with plenty of different sections to discuss various things and an optional global chatroom feature built into the browser. Not everyone needs to get involved, but if you want to soak up as much of the Sex Penetrator experience as possible, we've given you the tools in order to assist.

Additionally, Sex Penetrator will be looking for more ways in future to bring the porn gaming community together. Perhaps we'll even publish additional online adult games.


Although Sex Penetrator was initially designed as a single player title, we've built features into the game that allow you to connect to servers and host your own scenario if you so desire. Sex Penetrator has numerous people from all around the world playing, with an average pool of available, online multiplayer connections sitting anywhere between 100 and 250 people, depending on the time of day. While these might seem like small numbers, we've only just released our multiplayer beta patch, so there ought to be many more features down the road that attract additional folks to the fray. It ought to be wild soon!

Not a fan of multiplayer porn games? Not to worry. Sex Penetrator's single player mode is a stellar alternative! Call the shots and go at your own pace: it's really just that simple.


Some games can sit in limbo for many years with lackluster developers who don't really seem to care about improving the overall gameplay experience for people who bother to play. That's not the case with Sex Penetrator: we release new patches around two times per month and regularly add new content so that anyone who's playing our game as an ongoing concern can always come back and find something new. Keep things interesting, right?

In addition to regular patches, Sex Penetrator will also strive to release 2 full expansions to our flagship title on a yearly basis. We're unsure what form these are going to take, but our developers are already working hard on our first major idea. Suffice to say that it's an exciting time to be someone who just loves free online sex games – just you wait and see!